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During the poker boom of 2003 and 2004, five friends gathered to play cards at a kitchen table the home of Jonathan A. The original five players were Jonathan A, Paul K, William S III, Gabe A, Macario S III. The first tourney was won by William S III. During the first season, the starting chip stack was 80 and blinds were 1-2, and did not increase often. After the first game, the five players agreed to hold a season consisting of twelve events, with the winner being awarded a bracelet commemorating the accomplishment. The majority of the first season’s events took place at the home of Macario S III and Manuel S.


2003 The original five players play cards at a kitchen table

2004 Inaugural season begins, William S III eventual TPT 1 Champion, 18 players take part in at least one event

2005 Events are hosted by William S III, Jonathan A, and Jeff G over the course of two seasons, fields steadily growing

2006 TPT moves to the garage of Paul K, tournament tracking software is introduced

2007 Website introduced, Jeff G wins the first ever “TPT Invitational” tournament, 54 players attend at least one season event

2008 Jimmy B wins first “Player of the Year” award, over 90 players played at least one event in 2008

2009 Poker room gets custom upgrades of chips and Final Table, Kory J wins first ever TPT online tournament

2010 Length of season increased from 12 events to a 20 event season

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